LinksLive! The LHS News Broadcast 11/22/19

Friday, November 22, 2019

Good morning Lincoln High! Welcome to LINKS LIVE! The Lincoln High Morning News Show!

I’m Rodrigo Muñoz, and I’m Angelina O’Malley

It’s Music Friday! The office will be playing a variety of music during passing periods. If you figure out the THEME for the day, you could win a prize! Fill out the Google form to submit your guess.
Jump Code: OMY7. That’s OMY7

Reminder to Lincoln High Scholars: please visit room 200, the attendance office, and pick up your honor roll and academic letter certificates. Congratulations!

The weather is cooling off and fall is in the air. This means it is time for Play Production!
November 26, 2019, is the LHS Play Festival! 10 teams from around the state will be performing in the venerable Ted Sorensen Theatre. This play production showcase is an opportunity for young actors and One-Act productions to refine their performances prior to district competitions and the chance to qualify for state. This great tradition would not be possible without your support. The halls will be full of people in costume hauling pieces of equipment and sets throughout the day. Thank you in advance for your help and support.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students on their success at recent Speech Tournaments:
– KYLE STEWART: In Humorous Interpretation, 6th Place at LPS Novidog
– EMILY SOWEL: In Extemporaneous Speaking, 4th Place at LPS Novidog AND 4th Place at Lincoln East Novice
– JULIANA QUATTROCCHI (kwah-TROH-key): In Extemporaneous Speaking, 2nd Place at Papillion La-Vista, AND tournament CHAMPION at Pius the 10th

Additional Congratulations to the following students who have placed in the top 3 in their Preliminary rounds at tournaments so far this season:
– Malachi Detty,
– Larry Li (LEE),
– Samantha Roblyer (rob-LEE-uhr),
– Grace Maly (MAY-lee),
– Ian Burbach (buhr-BACK),
– Isza (EE-zuh) Strong,
– Ali Diaz (DEE-aaz), AND
– Maz Banzhoff (BAN-zawff)

Another Lincoln High Job Well Done!

Good luck to the Speech Team as they travel to Millard South and Doane University this weekend!

Here’s a message from Native American Caucus
Hi, I’m Mia White Bull, and I’m Oglala Lakota.
Thanksgiving is coming, and Native American Caucus would like to share some perspectives about the holiday and its history from
Thanksgiving as a holiday originates from the Native American philosophy of giving without expecting anything in return. Native people had a long tradition of expressing gratitude for the blessings of the earth and good harvests before Europeans came to this continent. In the first [colonial] celebration of this holiday, the Wampanoag [WOM-puh-nog] tribe not only provided [most of] the food for the feast, but also the teachings of agriculture and hunting. Corn, beans, wild rice, and turkey are some specific examples of foods introduced by Native Americans. [Without their help, the colonists would never have survived that first winter.
Thanks, from Native American Caucus

Here’s another fantastic announcement from Fellowship of Christian Athletes! If you haven’t attended an FCA Morning Meeting yet, you’ll have another chance next Tuesday, in Mr. Droud’s room. The fun begins at 7:15, so don’t be late!

I’m Juliana Quattrocchi on behalf of your friendly neighborhood student council. If you want to be a student council member second semester, then now is the time to apply! Use the jump code YQPV and get those applications turned in by the deadline: this Tuesday, November 26th! Go links! 


“The High School CLCs and Collective Impact Lincoln invite YOU to our first YOUTH COMMUNITY BUILDER WORKSHOP this Sunday at the Bay.
This is a time and a place where youth can hear more about how to get organized around advocating for themselves and their communities!
We will have local community organizers leading a conversation about how to make impact in your community and local youth will discuss their own experiences organizing in and outside of their schools.
Join us on Sunday, November 24 from 12:00-3:00pm at The Bay (2005 Y Street) with lunch provided. Please register for the workshop here: Direct any questions to LHS School Community Coordinator, Chelsea Egenberger – that’s me, in the Family Resource Center or by email at
We hope you will join us for the afternoon to connect with your peers and create positive change in your community!


Here’s a message from Healthy Lifestyles:

“Levi: Hello Students! Did you know that lots of oils and lubricants can deteriorate latex? This can impact your sexual health!
Chelsea: This Friday we will be hosting LeeAnn from Planned Parenthood in 100M after school.
Levi: We will focus on the topic of Sexual Health, covering ways that YOU can stay safe and knowledgeable about YOUR sexual health.


How would you like to be part of the LinksLive! Team? Join the Broadcast Journalism class second semester. Fill out the application at Jump Code: YBO7 or See Mr. Keller in Room 308 for more information.

And on the lunch menu today, we have,
Breaded Chicken Sandwich, Personal 3 Meat Pizza, Baja Chicken Cheese and Rice Burrito, or a Chef Salad

Chick’n Sandwich, Meatless Chef Salad and a Roll

If you see Mr. Madsen around today, wish him a Happy Birthday!

That’s all for today. Remember that you can see all past episodes of our show on The Advocate Online website at and a list of all jump codes through the master jump code YZYR.

Thanks for watching our broadcast, and we’ll see you again next time on… LinksLive!

Season 1: Episode 67
November 22, 2019

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