LinksLIVE! The LHS News Broadcast 4/7/2020 *Coronavirus Edition #5*

Season 1: Episode 129
Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Good morning Lincoln High. Welcome to LinksLIVE! The Lincoln High morning news show.

How’s everybody doing? Hope you’re all well. Thanks for joining us.

I’m Mr. Keller still guest anchoring during the school closure and keeping you updated on the latest news about school and the coronavirus situation. Look for some of your favorite LinksLIVE! correspondents to return on this Friday’s episode.

A reminder that links to updates with all official LPS information are also available on the lps home page at

On today’s show we have some information about Remote Learning (including some links to tutorials), updates on the ACT and Graduation, as well as rules about being on school grounds, some video messages from staff members, and a video from Pomalinks. So let’s get to it.

Yesterday marked the first day of online learning. Did you check in with your teacher and check your Google Classroom? If not, be sure to take a look as soon as possible and reach out to your teachers with questions. Remember that the school buildings are closed, but classes are continuing remotely so you aren’t behind when school starts up again. Stay connected and keep learning!

Special Education supports and learning activities will begin April 6. Learning activities can be found on the Remote Learning site or on your child’s Google Classroom located in the Special Education Teacher’s folder. Families, you will be contacted by your case manager during the week of April 6. During that time, your case manager will work with you to schedule future meetings, correspondence and frequency. If you need materials printed, let your case manager know during your initial meeting. New materials will be released April 20.

We know you have lots of things going on in your lives right now and new responsibilities and concerns. Do your best, and let us know if there’s any way we can help you. We’ll get through this together. Here is a link to a list of school social workers, school psychologists, school counselors, and, Psychotherapists by School .

If you haven’t contacted your teachers, send them an email and let them know how you’re doing. We’re thinking about you every day.

In fact, here are a few more messages from LHS staff who are missing you:

Josh Lupher – Associate Principal
Lindsey Herting – Social Studies Teacher
Deborah McGinn – English Teacher

And here’s a message from all of the staff from our Zoom meeting yesterday.


Ms. Jensen has made a short video about enabling Google Calendar in your Classroom accounts. This is a great way to keep track of Office Hours for all of your classes. Be sure to activate it for each of your classes individually (even if you have already used it) to update to your teacher’s calendar. Here’s the link to that video:

Also take a look at the link about connecting through Zoom.
Zoom for LPS Students

Teachers are having to learn a LOT of new technology very quickly, and we have a lot of material to organize for you. Thanks for your patience this week as we get the whole remote learning thing figured out.

And now, here’s a message from Chelsea Egenberger about some Virtual Community Learning Center opportunities.
C:Hello LINKS, Chelsea Egenberger here from the LHS CLC!
E: And I’m Erin Voichoski with the Northeast high school CLC!
C: We have all been missing your faces and wanting to connect! So, we created a new way to do CLC activities online!
E:We have started a joint google classroom for students from LHS and LNE.
C:There you will find daily challenges, educational resources, information about the Coronavirus, updates on club offerings, mindfulness exercises and more!
E: You can also find information about zoom office hours with me and Chelsea every weekday from 2-3pm.
C: Join the CLC google classroom using class code 666wuph.
E: We hope to connect with you online soon!

Let’s take a look at some questions that have come in so far.

What about Graduation?:
LPS is tentatively planning to hold high school graduations on July 26, 2020. Of course this depends on what the virus situation is at that time and if it’s safe to get together again. We are also working to find ways for students to safely retrieve their belongings from buildings. There are still so many questions that need to be answered as we navigate the months ahead. We will be sending you updates when they become available, so stay tuned.

Are School Grounds still open?:
No. During the COVID-19 Pandemic District Closure, except for authorized personnel, all school grounds and facilities are closed to the community unless designated temporarily open to provide specific services (like during food distribution).

The restrictions include all school athletic facilities, playgrounds, buildings, property around the buildings and parking lots. Any unauthorized entry or use will be considered trespassing and is done at a person’s own risk.

We are asking for families and the community to help keep children out of these closed areas for their safety while we are closed. Thanks for your cooperation.

Lastly, there is a lot of information online about the coronavirus these days. Be sure you’re getting your news from credible, reliable sources, and PLEASE don’t spread false news or inaccurate information. Check your sources before you share any posts on social media.

And I know there are lots of stories and posts about young people violating the distancing guidelines as acts of rebellion or whatever. Please remember that this virus can hit anyone, even young people and healthy people. And even if it doesn’t infect you, you may accidentally infect someone else who can’t fight it. The sooner we all do our part to avoid passing the virus around, the sooner we can get back to some kind of normal life again. Keep distancing and isolating. Thanks for your help.

And now, here’s a video from your Pomalinks who have found a way to keep dancing together while still social distancing.

Thanks to Ms. Martinez and Pomalinks for sharing.

Food Distribution:
Remember that FREE meals will be distributed weekly on Mondays from now on from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at these LPS locations: 
Belmont, Arnold, Calvert, Hartley, Huntington, Clinton, Saratoga, and West Lincoln Elementary Schools:
Culler and Park Middle Schools
And at
Northeast High School:
And Lincoln High School where you’ll enter the circle on 21st and J streets and follow staff directions.

Each child will continue to receive five breakfasts and five lunch meals.
The meals are for children only, and all children 18 and younger are eligible for meals.

For more information, see the Food Distribution information in the Weekly Updates link at LPS.ORG 

The Food Bank of Lincoln is also offering free prepackaged bags of food this week. Please see these below in the transcript or Visit the Lincoln Food Bank website at for times and locations and for additional information about their services.

Do you have good news to share? Questions? Comments? Stories of how you’re coping? You can also reach out to us at, or message us on The Advocate Twitter and Instagram accounts: @lhsadvocate or on the Yearbook Instagram: @linksyearbook. We want to hear from you.

In the meantime, please follow CDC guidelines and stay home as much as possible and stay away from others in public, Wash Your Hands, Don’t Touch Your Face, and Cover Your Cough.

Take care, keep supporting each other, and stay connected with us.

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Thanks for watching our broadcast, and we’ll see you again next time on… LinksLIVE!