Either in or out: Students return to school or stay all-remote


Photo by Dylan Smith

Students work on assignments in Media Center.

With the news of school opening back up to full schedules it has brought up a lot of uncertainties about what will happen with COVID-19 cases. Some people consider maybe even going back to all-remote learning.

Initial thoughts from people about the news of schools going back to a full class schedule varied from person to person. 

Isaac Montgomery a LHS senior was surprised when first hearing the news. “We are still in a pandemic, but it’s exciting to see people I haven’t seen in a long time,” Montgomery said.

Jackson McNeese a LHS sophomore agreed with Montgomery. “To have more friends in the building will be nice,” said McNeese. Evada Palmer a senior at LHS considered it to be positive news, saying it would be a good way to end the year.

With going back to full time school it will force class sizes to increase, and people don’t seem too worried about the drastic increase in class size.

LHS senior Lydia Skold talked about how the class size will effect the learning environment. “Classes will be a lot more fun with everybody back full time and see everybody that was full and part time zoom,” Skold said.

Montgomery talked more about normalcy. “It will be more how it was last year before COVID. Obviously everyone will still have masks on and still be social distancing and wiping down your desk,” Montgomery said.

Cases in the building have not yet been a big problem and people don’t think it will become a big problem heading into the future.

Hailey Olberding an LHS senior said, “I do not think the covid cases will increase at all when everyone comes back because LPS did testing to see how many asymptomatic cases there were and it shouldn’t be a concern,” Olberding said.

McNeese disagreed. “I think the cases will rise but that’s expected — when there are more people there will be more cases, but I don’t think it will go crazy,” said McNeese.

According to McNeese teachers have asked their classes about how they feel about going back full time.

“Most [classes] said they didn’t really care and that we all had masks on so it will be fine,” said McNeese 

Montgomery talked about his friends with family who have underlying conditions but still seemed positive.

“Some people I know have family with underlying health conditions so that would be scary and more people in the building but most have been hopeful and positive,” Montgomery said.

After hearing whaat multiple students think about school and everyone coming back, this is a sign of hope that we will get back to more normal school experiences in the future.