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The Science Olympiad logo. Photo courtesy of

The Science Olympiad logo. Photo courtesy of

The Science Olympiad logo. Photo courtesy of

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By Sara Balter-|Brief|-

If you are interested in science and want to show off your skills, the Regional Science Olympiad wants you!

“Science Olympiad is basically a track meet for science scholars,” Wallace Mason, the head coach for Science Olympiad said. “There are 20+ events ranging from tests about anatomy, astronomy, to diseases and epidemiology… [to] engineering such as building towers, bridges, and robots, as well some simple problem solving games that do not involve much time input,” Mason continues.

Mason will be looking for students that are interested “all the way into 2nd semester.” However, if they are interested they should act soon. The first out of the two meets will be held at the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha Nebraska on Saturday, February 24. Registration for this event will begin on January 5th, 2018, while details for it will become available on December 22nd. The second olympiad will be held at the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s  East Campus on April 21, 2018.

All events can be partner activities, so think about a person you would like to work with.  Also you can sign up for a total of four events, but you don’t have to,” Mason said.

Students can get more information for both of the meets by joining LHS’s Science Olympiad Google classroom, with the code q22141n. One could also email Wallace Mason < or Rachelle Fargo <>, another coach involved with Science Olympiad, for more information.

Meetings for the LHS Science Olympiad team are held in room s230.

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