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Informing the Lincoln High community since 1895

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Informing the Lincoln High community since 1895

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Shining a Spotlight on HOSA

By Alex Hill, Reporter | April 4, 2023

HOSA, or Health Occupations Students of America, is a nationwide club that’s offered here at Lincoln High. Since the name alone doesn’t tell us a lot about what they do, I interviewed Mrs. Beck, the...

During the pandemic many children suffer abuse at home

During the pandemic many children suffer abuse at home

By Karley Hanson, Reporter | April 7, 2022

This pandemic stated that you could not leave your home. Schools were closed, public places were closed, so everyone was behind closed doors. The CDC released a report that teens faced emotional abuse...

Photo by Joshua Fuller

The importance of Mental Health

By Alayia Buchanan, Reporter | October 3, 2021

Do you actually know the importance of Mental Health? How can it affect your daily life? Like less sleep, stress out, messing with your emotions, how you act and think? Recently at Lincoln High, we have...

Covid-19 Molecule

The state of Covid-19 in LPS

By Karley Hanson, Reporter | September 19, 2021

COVID-19 is growing and making more people sick. Masks were not mandatory for the first couple weeks of school and the cases were going up. Now, everyone has to wear a mask. Schools have changed so much,...

Students work on assignments in Media Center.

Either in or out: Students return to school or stay all-remote

By Dylan Smith | March 19, 2021

With the news of school opening back up to full schedules it has brought up a lot of uncertainties about what will happen with COVID-19 cases. Some people consider maybe even going back to all-remote learning. Initial...

Kimberly Pickering

LHS teachers chime in on the pandemic

By Aung Htoo | February 9, 2021

On Monday, Feb. 1, LPS seniors were given the option to return to school after being on the A/B plan for most of the 2020-2021 academic year. Additionally, the state of Nebraska has allowed less restrictions...

LHS marching band adapts to Covid-19

By Cam McWilliams, Staff Reporter | September 4, 2020

Last Friday, the LHS Marching Band performed this year’s show, The Greatest Showman amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  New social distancing and health policies have been set in place beginning with...

Lincoln Food Bank has released 4 dates this semester for the LHS Food Market. On these days any student, parent, or staff member can visit the market from 3:05-3:30. Photo courtesy of the LHS Food Market Facebook.

Monthly food market provides extra opportunities to feed LHS

By Audrey Perry, Editor-In-Chief | September 27, 2019

By Audrey Perry The LHS Food Market opened Wednesday, September 25 for the first time this year.  The LHS Food Market is an opportunity for staff, students, and parents to get healthy food to...

Nebraska Community Blood Bank Nurse Holly Feese helps Bryant Pedreza (12) donate blood during the Red Cross Club Blood Drive in the West Gym on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018 while Will Brandt (12), Passmore Mudundulu (12), Zane Morales (10), and Cecelia Nguyen (10) provide moral support. Photo by Meg Boedeker

Red Cross Club hosts yet another successful blood drive

By Meg Boedeker, Managing Editor | October 11, 2018

By Meg Boedeker | LHS News| Last Friday, October 5, 2018, Lincoln High's Red Cross Club hosted a school-wide blood drive in the west gym. The drive was facilitated by the Nebraska Community Blood Bank,...

Get your Grab and Go Breakfast anytime between 7:15 and 7:55 with your student ID.

Grab and Go Breakfasts bring better health, attendance

April 19, 2018

By Maicee Ingwerson       If your experience has been anything like mine, then from your earliest school days, you have been told; breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. All teachers seem...

Hope Squad students attend a meeting on Club Day on March 6, 2018. 
Phtoto by Porshe Miller

HOPE SQUAD: Offering suicide prevention peer support

By Porshe Miller | March 23, 2018

By Porshe Miller - Feature Earlier this year, a Lincoln High student overheard another student making suicidal statements during class. The student who made the comments, meaning them only as a joke,...

Pamphlets spread out on desk with suicide awareness and suicide prevention information and also resources. These pamphlets can be found in the counseling center.
Photo by Greg Keller

Suicide: It’s EVERYONE’S Issue!

May 13, 2016
Reading Time: 5 minutes 0 By Samantha Stuefer – What would you guess to be the second leading cause of death among teens in Nebraska? Would you think it was car accidents? What about diseases? It’s actually suicide. The most common reason found as to why someone commits suicide is because of depression. Depression causes a sense of loneliness, hopelessness,...
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