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Informing the Lincoln High community since 1895

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Informing the Lincoln High community since 1895

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Sophomore Oliver Brassil juggles colorful pins during Joy Night

Recap: Joy Night 2024 brings joy to attendees

By Ollie Riggins, Editor-in-Chief | May 20, 2024

On Thursday, the Philharmonic orchestra started off the night with a piece by Florence and the Machine. This piece was promptly followed by a rap battle in which Mr. Larson, played by MC Eli Martin and...

Play Review: Local Play Tells Story of the First Home Pregnancy Test

Play Review: Local Play Tells Story of the First Home Pregnancy Test

By Cate Frederick, Reporter | March 3, 2023

The home pregnancy test is often described as a considerable invention that benefited society. However the vast majority of people would not be able to tell who created this life-changing invention. Predictor,...

Sophie (Jocelyn Tisdale) is UNDER ATTACK !

Mamma Mia! Here we go again!

By Sergio K. Zavala, Photographer/Reporter | February 17, 2023

Visit the Greek Islands with us and dress up for the wedding !!! The Lincoln High Theater presents to you this year's musical, "Mamma Mia". Which will showcase in the Ted Sorensen Theater at Lincoln High...

Student Spotlight: Ella Medina

Student Spotlight: Ella Medina

By Cate Frederick, Reporter | February 1, 2023

LHS Senior Ella Medina is extremely busy. On top of school and her AP classes, Medina is involved in theatre and show choir, holding leadership positions in both.  While she loves these activities,...

LHS theater rehearses for The Seuss Odyssey, Image taken by Sergio K. Zavala

LHS Theater “The Seuss Odyssey”

By Sergio K. Zavala, Reporter | September 30, 2022

This year the Lincoln High School theater brings their brand new fall show "The Seuss Odyssey". It will debut at Lincoln High, in the Ted Sorensen Theatre on Thursday, October 6 @ 7:00 pm. It will be followed...

LHS Sophomore earns major theatre showcase distinction

By Camila Gomez, Reporter | February 26, 2021

Sophomore Jocelyn Tisdale did not expect to earn a major showcase distinction from the International Thespian Society when her mother signed her up for theatre in the sixth grade. In fact, she didn’t...

LHS Theatres performance of Much Ado About Nothing streams live

LHS Theatre’s performance of “Much Ado About Nothing” streams live

By Cam McWilliams and Camila Gomez | October 1, 2020

The fall play will be live-streamed for the first time ever tonight. The play, William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” opens Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. without an in-person audience due to concerns...

Evan Works (10) who plays B Flat and Delani Young (12) who plays Ruby, pose for a scene during dress rehearsal for Second Samuel on Friday, November 22, 2019. Photo courtesy of @jorr.dann.

One-Act Play sets new precedent for future productions

By Audrey Perry, Editor-In-Chief | December 9, 2019

By Audrey Perry - LHS News After months of hard work, LHS Theatre Program was ready to perform their One-Act Play, Second Samuel for many public performance and . While One-Act is an annual show, and...

Dracula performances will run from October 3 until October 5, 2019. Photo courtesy of The Advocate.

Not your typical Dracula: Fall show mashes up comedy and horror

October 1, 2019

By Audrey Perry - LHS News Most people are familiar with the two famous stories: Dracula, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  But this year’s fall play, Dracula: A Comic Thriller Starring...

Meg Arenz (12) and Ethan Rask (11) both play a Hamlet- Princess Hamlet and King Hamlet. King Hamlet comes back from the dead as a ghost to ask his daughter to avenge him. Photo by Zeke WIlliams

The Ultimate (Unofficial) Guide to Hamlet

By Emily Price, Reporter | April 17, 2019

By Emily Price To be or not to be, that is the question. Or一the real question一 what even is William Shakespeare's Hamlet about? The language of Shakespeare, though fairly simple in concept,...

This light was turned on from 8 a.m. March 22nd until 8 a.m. March 23rd at Lincoln Highs annual Theatre-A-Thon. This light symbolizes being on stage and in the theatre for 24 hours straight, which is the goal of Theatre-A-Thon. Photo by Emily Price

Up All Night: No one gets tired of Lincoln High’s annual Theatre-A-Thon

By Emily Price, Reporter | March 28, 2019

By Emily Price What’s better than spending the mandatory eight hours in your high school? Spending 24 hours in your theatre, of course! Theatre-A-Thon is a long standing tradition and fundraiser for...

(Left to right) Carl Shack (11), Jackson Mikkelsen (12), Jacob Vanderford (11), Jack Amen (10) and Ryan Ostrander (5) sing Seize the Day during dress rehearsal on February 21st, 2019. Photo by Zeke Williams

Seizing the day, one more time!

By Zeke Williams, Reporter | February 25, 2019

By Zeke Williams After two nights with a full house, LHS Theatre's production of Newsies' final performance has been postponed to Tuesday, February 26th, at 7 p.m. This occurred due to the blizzard...

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