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Informing the Lincoln High community since 1895

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Informing the Lincoln High community since 1895

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Policies of The Advocate

The Mission of The Advocate

At The Advocate, our mission is to serve the Lincoln High School community by delivering timely, relevant, and accurate news. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism, ensuring our reporting is objective and ethically sourced. Through our dedication to providing well-researched and thoughtfully presented information, we aim to foster a well-informed and engaged school community. Our goal is to be a reliable source of news and a platform for diverse voices, encouraging critical thinking and dialogue among students, staff, and the wider community.

The Advocate’s Commitment to Journalist Credibility and Ethics

The Advocate believes that our credibility is of the upmost importance. If we are not credible, our purpose and mission cannot be fulfilled. For that reason, all staff of The Advocate agree to abide by The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. Staff members who are not following that code of ethics may be prevented from publishing for The Advocate and may be removed from staff. However, if honest mistakes are made that do not result from direct violations of the SPJ Code of Ethics, we will follow the Corrections policy outlined below.

The Advocate is dedicated to promoting scholastic journalism for the benefit of Lincoln High School students. To achieve this mission, it is crucial that our readers always trust the integrity and accuracy of our reporting. We earn this trust daily by exercising our best independent judgments when seeking, recording, and presenting the truth to our readers. Any real or perceived bias or conflict of interest by our journalists risks undermining this trust, which is vital to our mission. Therefore, The Advocate upholds the highest standards of journalistic ethics in all parts of the process. The journalists at The Advocate serve the paper and the community, and we are committed to maintaining the values and principles that have guided The Advocate since 1895.

Reader Submissions

The Advocate is dedicated to fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives within Lincoln High School, advocating for both students and faculty. We invite guest contributions from students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni, and friends of Lincoln High. The most compelling opinion essays blend personal experience with research to present a persuasive argument. All submissions must be exclusive to The Advocate and not previously published elsewhere. We reserve the right to edit for style, accuracy, civility, and space.

Submit a Guest Column

We encourage our readers to engage with our journalism, both news and opinion, by submitting a Letter to the Editor. Letters should be no more than 250 words and must reference a story published by The Advocate. We do not publish open or anonymous letters.

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Article Corrections

The Advocate recognizes the significant impact our journalism has on the Lincoln High community, making it essential to correct all factual errors promptly. We strive to be accurate, complete, and fair. If you believe we’ve made a mistake, please let us know. If an error is confirmed, we will correct it and publish a correction notice detailing the mistake. In cases where a story is irreparably flawed, The Advocate may remove it from our digital platforms.

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Contact The Advocate

Do you have a story about an issue or event impacting students’ lives? Many of our stories start with people sharing something they’ve seen, heard, or wondered about. We especially encourage those aware of harmful behavior or practices affecting students to share their information with us. We seek tips that are clear, specific, and relevant to Lincoln High. Most importantly, we are looking for newsworthy tips.

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