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New procedure for semester two schedule changes

Semester Two Schedule Change Form

Semester Two Schedule Change Form

Semester Two Schedule Change Form

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By Shaelynn Mayfield

Students at Lincoln High have one more day until Winter Break begins. That also means that they have one more day to get their requests for schedule changes in.

If you need to add, switch, or drop a class for second semester there is any easy way to do that. Counselors have asked that students not personally email them about schedule changes, but to fill out the form on LHS’s website at

LHS Counselor, Nicole Barnes said, “It’s way easier because they all go to one place and then it’s not so hectic.”

If you decide to request a schedule change make sure to check your Synergy frequently to know what classes you will have when school starts again in January.

Make sure to answer all questions completely in order for your change to get considered. Remember submitting the form isn’t a one hundred percent guarantee of any change occurring.

Steps To Get To The Form:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the Students/Parents/Guardians section
  • Click on “Semester Two Request Schedule Change Form”

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