Momentum Show Choir looking for new members


Emily Price (11) and Reagan Gordon (9) help lead the show choir dance workshop through the week of April 23, 2018. Any students involved in a music program are eligible for this trip.

Our time is now! Lincoln High Show Choir has since ended the 2017-18 season with the theme “Our Time is Now”. Now that the year is over, the 2018-19 season auditions have just taken place.

As an overview, show choir is essentially a choral group that involves singing and dancing competitively. Though it is primarily popular in the United States, it is most prominent in the midwest. The groups include somewhere in between 30 and 60 members, divided in half by males and females. Along with the choir members, “roadies” and band members are essential to the group. “Roadies” stand off to the side of the stage and assist in things like set-up, mic handoffs, costumes changes, and transportation.

In a performance, or a set, the group usually performs three to five songs varying in length and style. Usually in the order of an opener, dance piece, ballad, another dance piece, and a closer. Most of the pieces include intense and upbeat dancing, excluding the ballad. The purpose of the ballad is to showcase the choir’s vocal ability. As apart of the overall characteristic of the shows, there is usually a theme, concept, or story associated with each set. Lincoln High Show Choir, Momentum’s, theme last season was Our Time is Now! to demonstrate our schools comeback in the show choir community.

At the audition, auditioners were asked to sing My Country Tis of Thee in an appropriate key. As well as dance and sing an excerpt of the provided music. Workshops to learn the dance and music were the week of April 23. Auditioners were able to access dance video clips and sheet music to learn or continue practicing over a google classroom. Both the classroom code and the forms were available from choir director Kathy Simpson in room 130. Momentum’s members are excited to welcome new members as well as incoming freshman to the program. “Choir is different in high school because it’s really a lot more like a family instead of a choir that just meets before school.” Lincoln High Freshman, Emma Harner said. Audition results will be available by the end of next week.