LHS hosting 93rd annual Joy Night Talent Show


Joy Night directors, Andrew Bargen,Jack Bisbee, Lindsey Herting, Chris Turley, along with all the Joy Night emcees plan for the 93rd annual Joy Night. Photo by Daniel Do

The darkness shrouds the audience. All eyes are set upon the stage. Thunderous applause for…THIS YEAR’S JOY NIGHT PERFORMERS!

On May the 10th and the 11th in the Ted Sorensen Theater, Lincoln High will host it’s 93rd annual Joy Night talent show. The acts that are performing this year in order are as follows:

The LHS Pomalinks – Thursday

Ethan Rask Band (Smells Like Bold) – On both nights

Justin Lopez – On both nights

Star Wars Club – On both nights

Maia Ramsay, w/ Dietrich Hitt, Malcolm Opoku and Eric Strickland – On both nights

Josh Lopez – On both nights

Carter Yost – Thursday night

Baile Folklórico – Thursday night

Jessica Wheat – Thursday night

Lynx Dance Crew – Thursday night

Aye Aye, Gabby, Haily, July, Mari – Friday night

Say Mia Htin – Friday night

Dietrich Hitt – Friday night

Angie Skarp – Friday night

Four Score (Jacob Vanderford’s group) – Friday night

“Our emcees will write and create the skits between acts, which usually reflect on pop culture moments throughout the year, and showcase hidden talents of some of staff members,” Joy Night director Jack Bisbee said. “It’s notable to mention that this will be the 93rd year of Joy Night. We wanted to change the spelling back to the original as we near the 100 year mark. We discovered the alternative spelling after Carter Hulinsky who works in our media center, alerted me that the Joy Night spelling was used from the original performance in 1925 through the 1960s.” Compared to last year’s spelling of the talent show as “Joy Nite”.

These are the following Joy Night 2018 emcees: Meg Arenz, Jacob D-R, Nyagoa Gony, Alex Hamann, Justin Lopez, Angelo Martinez, Gabe Ortiz, Asher Polivka, Emily Price, Lateef Sandlin-El, Kaitlyn Tikalsky, Celeste Uiterwaal.

Performances start at 7 p.m. on both nights, with tickets at the door for only $5.