Dress to Impress for Spirit Week


Students in Deborah McGinn's English class get mismatched for Monday of Spirit Week. Left to right: Audrey Lester, Toby Giesbrecht, Zeph Siebler, Dustin Stevison. Photo courtesy of Deborah McGinn

BMakenzie Hornby

It’s the week of Homecoming, and leading up to the dance and game on Friday, Links will wear different themed outfits for Spirit Week.

On Mismatch Monday wear your most mixed up outfit. Everyone’s outfits should be conflicting, bizarre, and diverse.  Grab your best friend and coordinate your looks on Twinning Tuesday. Have a favorite book or movie? Well on Character Wednesday you can dress like your favorite character from Ariel to Zazu.  Let’s go back to the mid-1960s and embrace your inner hippie on Tie-Dye Thursday. Everyone grab your LHS merch for LHS Pride Friday. Each grade sports a different LHS color: 9th grade wears white, 10th wears gray, 11th wears black, 12th wears red.

Clockwise from top left: Ariana Rouse (9), Emily Sowel (9), Yanori Ferguson (9), and Samuel Poppert (9) show their school spirit by dressing up for Mismatch Monday of Spirit Week. Photo by Madison Dahlstrom

Homecoming is on Friday, September 21, 2018. Tickets for the dance go on sale Tuesday at lunch and after school. Ticket prices are $5 on Tuesday and Wednesday and the price goes up to $10 on Thursday. Tickets will not be sold on Friday.  The theme for the dance is Friday Night Fever so break out your disco gear and get ready to get funky.

There is a new entrance for the dance this year. You will enter through door #29 (the pool hallway door). Drinks and snacks will be also be sold.

For a full list of rules and expectations, as well as procedures for bringing a non-LHS student date, check out this slideshow

The Homecoming Game starts at 6 p.m. at Beechner Field. Tickets are $4 for students, $6 for adults, free with an Activity Pass.

The second round of Homecoming royalty voting will take place Wednesday or Thursday, and nominees will be announced during halftime (see complete list below).

The Student Section theme is Jerseys

Also on Friday during the day there will be an Athletic Hall of Fame Assembly in the Johnson Gym which means an adjusted schedule (see below). The Pep Rally starts at 10:30 a.m. and should end around 11:05 a.m.. You will be dismissed to the assembly at different times.

1st 7:00-7:50
2nd 8:00-8:40
3rd 8:46-9:26
4th 9:32-10:12, 10:15 or 10:18

Gradual release to Assembly: South 3rd, Main 3rd, Main 4th: 10:12 a.m.,
South 2nd, Main 2nd, P.E. classes: 10:15 a.m. South 1st, Main 1st: 10:18 a.m.
Assembly 10:30 a.m. -11:05 a.m.

5th 11:15-11:55
6th 11:55—1:27
    A Lunch  11:55-12:25
    A Class 12:31-1:27
    B Class  12:01-12:26
    B Lunch 12:26-12:56
    B Class 1:02-1:27
    C Class 12:01-12:57
    C Lunch 12:57-1:27
7th 1:33-2:13
8th 2:19-3:05


The First Round Homecoming Royalty nominees are:

9th Grade
Averi Beem
Caroline Brandt
Taylor Dames
Bayla Young
Caden Connelly
Zorte Edo
Samer Qahtan
Zeph Siebler  

10th Grade
Emma Harner
Journee Martin
Hailey Olberding
Jeraysha Shackleford
Lydia Skold
Jack Amen
Ethan Cederberg
Isaac Fairchild
Ethan Rask

11th Grade
Mandy Duffy
Lydia Duffy
Samatha Duffy
Naomi Rodriguez
Delani Young
Jaxson Barber
Jayden Hood
Luke Moberly
Jacob Vanderford

12th Grade
Madalyn Brandt
Ryen Hanson
Emily Price
Emily Smith
Yashua Bradley
Cedric Case
Peter Cuddy
Jack Maynard