The Athletic Hall Of Fame Assembly


The Varsity Cheerleaders finish their routine to pump up the crowd during the Athletic Hall of Fame Fall Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday, Sept. 21, 2018 in the Johnson Gym. Photo by Aliyana Als

By Cadence Smith

Did you hear about the hall of fame? No, not Hollywood. Lincoln High hosted its own Athletic Hall of Fame on September 21, 2018, and it definitely scored.

Honoring those who proved their worth on the playing field during their Lincoln High years, we showed them the benefits of trying your best. Since the Athletic Hall of Fame was first established in 1983, a total of 564 coaches and athletes have been recognized. This year honored 21 athletes. The 2018 honorees were Ron Bayless, Albert Beames, Shelly Chiles, Bill Edwards, Cora Fox Scott, Michael Gaither, Dave Hamersky, Dan Harris, Kurt Holliday, Kate Howard, Jim Hunt, Mike Little, Alan Muthersbaugh, Dick Piderit, Terry Sapp, John Schreiber, Mel Simpson, Henry Sommerholder, Tammie Trouba Noonan, Bill Weber, and Nate Woods.

Lincoln High’s 1925 football team and the 2002-2003 Varsity Boys Basketball Team (which included current Lincoln High teachers Colin Hute and Nick Madsen) were also honored. A special recognition was also given to T.J. McDowell for his service to the Lincoln High community.  But honoring these members wasn’t the only thing Lincoln High had planned for this assembly.

Among those recognized at the assembly were current LHS students who are involved in a variety of sports and activities as well as Lincoln High alums. Starting from the football team to the Link Crew, LHS wanted the community to understand what each and everyone one of the inductees has done for this school and its community. But there was more. Marching Band, the Pomalinks, and the cheerleaders all played their part in the assembly, increasing our school spirit and making students’ hands hurt from all the clapping.  

To download a copy of the program from the assembly, click here. 

Keeping the tradition alive and Lincoln High’s past commemorated, we saw what was once just a building become what is now the home of the Links. Like the Varsity Cheerleaders say, “We’re better than ever,” and this assembly showed that.