LPS students speak up: Student Vote kicks off today


Azzy Hanks (10) casts her ballot for the 2018 Student Vote. Photo by Alaundra Mayfield

This Thursday, November 1, LPS is holding a student vote for grades 4-12 based upon the upcoming Nebraska elections on November 6.

All LPS students will have the opportunity to vote for Governor, Senate, House of Representatives, Secretary of State, Medicaid Expansion, and Mayor Term Limits. In order to fill out the ballot go to lps.org and under keyword search type in “svballot.”

Next a login page will appear labeled Student Vote 2018. Fill out the login info that is associated with student LPS accounts. The ballot is open for anyone until 4 p.m.

This student vote happens every two years and gives students the chance to exercise using their voice in a mock election. The purpose of the vote is to “increases student interest in issues that are important to their community,” LPS Communications Team Member Mindy Burbach said.

Not only are students becoming engaged in civic learning but they are also shown an emphasis on using your voice, so when students reach the age of 18, they are more likely to vote and become involved in community issues as informed citizens.

At 4 p.m. on the LPS website KFOR will reveal the results of the elections live with Jaci Kellison, Jill St. James, and LPS students. The pictures and videos of the election will be displayed on the LPS website. If you are unable to watch the live results, all of them will be listed under the special results page.