Connect with Respect: LHS StuCo kicks off respect campaign with Bands Against Bullying


Members of StuCo 2017-18 hang a poster to set up for Bands Against Bullying. Photo by Nate Kettler.

By Audrey Perry

Last Friday, January 25 at 7 p.m in the Ted Sorensen Theatre, LHS StuCo launched their week-long Respect Campaign with Bands Against Bullying.

This annual concert was started 7 to 8 years ago in order to raise awareness about bullying. They had performances by local bands, a photo booth, and fun facts about bullying and methods to prevent it.

“It’s just to support anti-bullying and being a respectful community,” LHS StuCo Member Juliana Quattrochi said.

There was no entry fee but StuCo accepted donations.

“The concert is free because we want to make it open for anyone who wanted to show up,” Quattrochi said.  “It’s a free will donation so we can be really inclusive and so the people going don’t have to worry about money.”

Their hope for the concert was to promote respect of others and the community.

“We hope the takeaway of the concert will be that we get a great start to the respect campaign,” Quattrochi said. “But also that people really have a chance to understand our message of what it means to be respectful, what it looks like, what you can do to make sure that it goes on in the community and to pass on that respect,”

“This years slogan is ‘Connect with Respect,’” she added.  As long as everyone’s relationships with other people are respectful and we get along well, that’s the goal, to spread awareness.”