Slam Poetry kicks off 2019 season with a new and diverse team


Sophomore Samantha Roblyer performs at last year’s Louder Than a Bomb state competition. Photo by Carson Allen.

By Audrey Perry

The Lincoln High Slam Poetry  Team is launching this year’s season and has just recently decided on their new members.

With six seniors leaving from last year’s team, there were many gaps to fill. After a series of tryouts the team was narrowed down to 10 performance members and 4 alternates.

Performance Team

Jasmine Amaya – Junior
Joanna Calel – Junior
Maddie Grives – Sophomore
Zahria Johnson – Sophomore
Grace Langan – Senior
Erica Leon – Senior
Nyia Mitchell – Junior
Helen Newell – Senior
Samantha Roblyer – Sophomore
Carter Yost – Senior

Team Alternates

Sophia Delaney – Sophomore
Conleigh Hemmer – Freshman
Dustin Stevison – Freshman
Alex Vodraska – Junior

The team is excited for the upcoming season with the added diversity of new members.

“Slam poetry season has just started up, and it’s really exciting because we have a lot of new people, which means a lot of new writing styles in the room, and all these different ideas and viewpoints that people have,” sophomore Samantha Roblyer said. “Once we really start to work together we can make something really cool. That’s what happens when you get a whole bunch of people who are passionate about something in a room together.”

The team will participate in their first bout of the season on March 24, 2019 at the UNL Student Union.