about this issue

We are Lincoln High


about this issue

Everyone has a story, and we at The Advocate want those stories to be heard. The students and staff featured in this issue were nominated by peers and teachers at Lincoln High who felt these individuals truly encapsulated the essence of the LHS spirit (Tradition, Unity, Diversity, and Excellence).

The pictures and stories of their unique lives come together to paint a beautiful picture of what Lincoln High is, who we are, and what the school has become.

We hope that through this issue – whether you are a Lincoln High alumnus, a current LHS student, a family member, or someone with no connection at all to the school – you can realize how important “The High” is to Lincoln and to Nebraska as a whole.

Lincoln High is such a diverse and interesting place that not just one issue would be able to cover the excellence that lies within these walls.

For additional stories in this ongoing series, keep checking back. We’ve got more. 

Editor-In-Chief – Angel Tran
Managing Editor – Meg Boedeker
Operations Editor – Audrey Perry
Writer – Emily Price
Writer – Neive Rodriguez
Writer/Photojournalist – Zeke Williams
Adviser – Greg Keller
Writer – Ellee Hohbein
Writer – Grace Langan
Writer – Anh Mai
Writer – Corey Norval
Writer – Cadence Smith
Staff – Clementine Ewomsan
Staff – Makenzie Hornby
Staff – John Howell
Staff – Alaundra Mayfield

Portrait Photos by Angel Tran Layout by Meg Boedeker