Senior Graduation Commencement Information

On May 23, 2019, LHS Principal Mark Larson and Associate Principal Jill Able met with seniors in the Ted Sorensen Theatre to give instructions about the 2019 Graduation Commencement Ceremonies  which will take place on Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 3 p.m. at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Above is a video of that presentation. 

Below are also complete instructions for commencement. 

Graduation Commencement Instructions For Graduating Seniors 2019

Purpose: This information in being provided to instruct seniors regarding the requirements and procedures related to the graduation ceremony.

Date: The commencement exercise will be held Sunday May 26th, 2019 at 3:00pm at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Parking: Parking will be at a premium on Sunday. Click here to see parking information and to RESERVE A SPOT ONLINE. PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR PARKING.

Conduct: Conduct needs to be dignified. This ceremony is meaningful to students and families. You will be asked to leave if you engage in any distracting or disruptive behavior. (*Refer to LPS Rights and Responsibilities of Students)


  1. Graduation caps and gowns must be worn at commencement. If you haven’t placed an order for one, see your counselor ASAP.
  2. ** Take your gown out of the box and put it on a hanger so it’s not wrinkled on Sunday.
  3. Wear suitable clothing as this is a dress up occasion.
  4. Tassels are worn so they hang down over right eye. Mortarboards (caps) are to be worn on the flat surface of your head (horizontal).
  5. Purses and bags should be left at home. There is no place to put these items during graduation.
  6. Nuisance items such as sunglasses, noisemakers, silly string, etc. will not be allowed.
  7. No writing, taping or decorations will be allowed on the mortarboards or gowns.

Seniors will arrive and report to Pinnacle Bank Arena by 2:00 PM Remember, PBA has a clear bag policy. If you bring any other bags, purses etc. you will not be allowed to bring them inside (remind your parents and guests!)
If interested in taking a photo with Lifetouch arrive by 2:00 PM. Bring your order form and payment of Check or Cash or go to to order prints. Friends and guest will not be permitted to accompany seniors to the graduation set up area of Pinnacle Bank Arena.

When you arrive, pick up your numerical-alphabetized name cards in the Goldenrod room, put on your cap and gown, and we will give directions for lining up in numerical order. Faculty members will help form the processional lines so listen for instruction. You will be lining up numerically, which will put you in alphabetical order, so have your cards ready.

Processional: Mr. Larson, Dr. Joel, Mrs.Annie Mumgaard, Mrs.Connie Duncan and Mr. Don Mayhew (Board of Education members) will begin the ceremony by walking up to the stage along the side aisle. Before you walk down the center aisle, Ms. Swartz will instruct you to move from two lines into groups of four. It is important to walk in equal intervals as you proceed down the aisle and stay in line with your group of four! Once you arrive at your row, please remain standing until Mr. Larson invites you to be seated after the National Anthem. Some seats will be reserved for faculty members; they will be marked as such, so leave those open. Student speakers will sit in order with their classmates and will be called up to the stage by Mr. Larson after the processional.

Senior members of concert choir and band will be sitting in the first row of the left side, so they will proceed to the risers as soon as the signal is given for the student body to sit down.

Awarding Diplomas: After Dr. Joel, the School Board member (Mrs. Mumgaard) & our students give their speeches; you will be directed by Mr. Lupher, Mr. Escamilla, Mrs. Barnes, and Mrs. McClure to move from your chairs to the stage. Watch them carefully so you know when to stand. All students in the line should stand together AND remain standing until all return from the stage. Your line will move to the left. Proceed to the stage and give your name card to the reader (Mrs. Mendez or Mr. Keller). The readers will ask you to SAY YOUR NAME OUT LOUD (QUIETLY) TO THEM SO THAT THEY CAN PRONOUNCE IT CORRECTLY FOR THE AUDIENCE.  Please do this even if you think they already know how to pronounce your name or if it is not a difficult name to pronounce.

When you cross the stage, a board member will hand you a diploma cover (**NOTE: You will only receive the cover at this time); take the cover in your left hand and shake the board members hand with your right hand. Proceed along the stage and shake Mr. Larson’s hand. Exit down the stairs/ramp and follow LHS staff instruction to proceed down your row and back to your seat. Lincoln Graduation Photography will take your picture when you shake hands with Mr. Larson.

Recessional: Faculty row ushers will direct the Graduates one row at a time to exit the arena. The recessional will start at the back of the student sections (last ones in are the first to leave). Please wait until your row is excused to exit from where we entered.

Go Directly to the graduation set up area to pick up your diploma (Golden Rod Room) at the same tables where you picked up your name cards.

Financial Obligations: If you have not taken care of your financial obligations both in the main office and the library your diploma will NOT be at the ceremony. You will have to pay your fines and pick up your diploma at Lincoln High beginning Tuesday, May 28th.

Special Accommodation Seating: Persons or family members of graduates who require physical accommodations simply need to contact a staff member from PBA for assistance.

Graduation Photo Information: Lifetouch will offer cap and gown portraits of the graduates prior to the ceremony. We will have a camera setup for graduates to visit as they arrive. They will also take a photo of every graduate as they cross the stage to accept their diploma. You will be able to view and order stage photos by visiting a few days after the ceremony. Prices for stage pictures will be listed on the website. For more information, or if you have questions about graduation photography, please call (866) 955-8342.

Thank You for a Great Ceremony!