Not your typical Dracula: Fall show mashes up comedy and horror


Dracula performances will run from October 3 until October 5, 2019. Photo courtesy of The Advocate.

By Audrey Perry – LHS News

Most people are familiar with the two famous stories: Dracula, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 

But this year’s fall play, Dracula: A Comic Thriller Starring Shirley Holmes and Jenny Watson, creates a mashup of the two classic tales. The show will premiere on October 3, 2019  at 7 p.m. 

Adelia White (10), Jack Amen (11), Layne Larabee (12), and Emma Harner (11) work in preparation for the show, Dracula, on their annual Soup Saturday on September 7, 2019. Photo courtesy of Lincoln High Theatre Instagram.

The show follows the adventures of the two nieces of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Since their uncles are off vacationing in the Belgian Congo it is their responsibility to protect London from the wrath of Dracula, who has decided to show up and cause trouble. 

A misconception of the show, to be taken note of, is the identity of the two stars of the show. Dracula is not a gender adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. The two young girls are the family members of the characters, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. 

“It’s not really like a gender bent Sherlock Holmes – type thing,” senior Joana Calel said. “It’s more of like its own independent thing.” Calel plays Shirley Holmes along with Regina Hinkley who plays Jenny Watson. 

While the first performances are approaching, rehearsals have been taking place since the first week of September. The fall show has been instrumental to the program in getting new members involved and setting the pace for the rest of the year.

 The show was cast with 41 different roles, some shared by ensemble members. Calel has noticed that the show has been helpful in figuring out how the process of putting together shows is going to work, with the new dynamic of having new members. 

“It’s fall show, so there’s a bunch of new people, so we are trying to see what things we can do well,” Calel said. 

While the group is still getting to know each other, great relationships are being made and new precedents are set, but sometimes a struggle they have is managing the balance of choosing when to get to work, and when to have fun and get to know each other.

“We just want to be there and have fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get professional,” Calel said. 

One of the ways the program prepares the group to get ready to work in rehearsals is their warm-up process. They aim to refocus the actor’s mind after the school day to prepare them for concentrating on building up their performance.

“Rehearsal starts at 3:15-ish, and during that time we get physical warm ups done,” Calel said.

“Usually people are coming from the end of the day and being really stressed or people are burnt out and so warm ups are supposed to be quiet and we stretch so we are able to release a little bit of tension.”

So far, the cast has been right on track for their performance day later this week. Cast members have begun to sell tickets to the community.. 

Each cast member has an unlimited number of tickets to sell, and the student body as well as anyone outside of LHS can buy their tickets by reaching out to them between now and the show times. Tickets will also be sold at the door on performance dates. 

Ticket prices are the same for all ages at $5. 

The performances will take place from October 3rd to October 5th with two 7 p.m. performances and a matinee on the 5th at 2 p.m.

 Here is a complete cast list: 

Main Roles

Count Dracula – Carl Schack

Jennie Watson – Regina Hinkley

Shirley Holmes – Joanna Calel

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing – Jacob Vanderford

Sabrina Van Helsing – Emma Harner

Wilhemmina (Mina) Murray – Delani Young

Lucy Westerna – Emma Izzo

Jonathan Harker – Ben Arenz

Mrs. Lucretia Dobrinski – Tadhg Parks

Dr. John Seward – Tristian Swift

Renfield – Tyler Schumacher


Ensemble Roles

AP Draculas – Cora Bauer-Lee, Alden Reinwald, Jack Amen

Dracullettes – Jeraysha Shackleford, Adelia White, Kelsey Camplin, Hassan Almusawy

Workmen – Angelina O’Malley, Alina Osborn, Jenna Fuller

Sailors – Alex Hesser, Nick D’Agostino, Makayla Robison

Pizza Peasant – Mason Madden

Servants – Vivian Ostrander, Jenna Jones, Anna Nesmith

Wagon Master – Alina Osborn

Wagon Workers – Riley Brown, Harrison Yost

Friar – Benjamin Brassil

Friars – Angelina O’Malley, Nick D’Agostino, Alex Hesser 

Londoners – Cate Frederick, Riley Brown

UPS guy – Anna Nesmith

(Little Lucretia) – Alina Osborn

(Lucretia’s Mother) – Cate Frederick