LinksLive! The LHS News Broadcast 9/11/19


Good morning, Lincoln High! Welcome to LINKS LIVE!  The Lincoln High Morning News Show.   

I’m Tyler Schumacher  and I’m Avalena Baird.


Paul Mitchell – Cosmetology will be here 2nd period in the Counseling Center tomorrow, Thursday. Please get a pass from your 2nd period teacher before coming to the Counseling Center.

And now here’s an announcement from Student Council. 


Julianna Q. 



Congratulations to the Lincoln High debate team, Luke Moberly and Madeline Walker placed 13th in the National season opener and acquiring a gold bid to the Tournament of Champions last weekend. This puts them at the top 10 in the Nation!

If you’re interested in joining debate, it’s not to late, there’s another meeting today after school in room S231 


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Here are today’s After School opportunities. 

– Las Razas Unidas meeting in Room 107

– Dungeons & Dragons meeting in Room 130

– Life After High School meeting in Room 100L

– Homework Zone including Science & Math tutoring meeting in the Media Center


And now here are the results from last night’s sporting events. 

All of the Links volleyball teams brought home big wins last night against Lincoln Northeast. Freshman and Reserve teams both defeated their opponents two to one, JV won their match two to zero, and the Varsity team battled their way to a three to nothing victory over the Rockets. Congratulations to the coaches and players. 


And congrats to the Lincoln High Boys Tennis team for defeating Grand Island 7 to 2. Winning for the Links were

Chris Penas-Hull, (pain-yas hull)

Pablo Suoto, (so-toe)

Nico Sepaphur, (sep-a-per)

Amir Tarkian, (tar-key-an)

Alex Gable, and

Lewis Schultz. 


And on the lunch menu today, 

Tangerine Chicken on brown rice


And a Chef Salad


Our Meatless Entrees are
Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza

And a meatless chef salad

And a Garlic Breadstick Or Roll

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But before we go, we have one more announcement:


We at LinksLive! are asking you to recognize those who lost their lives 18 years ago today in the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. 


2,977 people, from over 90 countries, died during these attacks, including 469 first responders and military personnel. 


Please join us in a moment of silence. 


Thank you.