LinksLIVE! The LHS News Broadcast 5/5/2020 *Coronavirus Edition #12*

Season 1: Episode 136
Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Good morning Lincoln High. Welcome to LinksLIVE! The Lincoln High morning news show.

How’s everybody doing? Hope you’re all well. Thanks for joining us.

I’m Evan Dang keeping you updated on the latest news about school and the coronavirus situation.

A reminder that links to updates with all official LPS information are also available on the lps home page at
On today’s show we have some information about Student Council, CLC Activities, the #TestNebraskaChallenge, Yearbook Distribution, Teammates, Food Distribution, and more, so stay tuned.

Here’s a message from HOPE Squad:
Hey, It’s Rose from Hope Squad. We’re here to let you know that we care for you with a Monday Motivation for Hope quote.

This week’s quote says …”I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”

This quote is from Gilbert Keith Chesterton. We wanted to remind you that we care about you and you should keep hope near. Have a great week guys!

Looking for a new way to get connected with other Lincoln High students and have an impact on your school community? Consider joining Student Council for the 2021 school year. Applications are now available via the jump code YKGQ. The deadline to apply is THIS Friday, May 8th. For more information, you can contact cosponsors Shelley Swartz or Carter Hulinsky. See their contact information in the transcript below.,

Here’s a message for teachers from Generation Green:
We can now earn points for any “green” activities we are doing with our classes, and these points could equal money for LHS! Please submit any activities through this Green Schools Link in the transcript below.

Activities could include things like asking students to complete their work outdoors, work with recyclables, create a message about taking care of our environment, learn about the environment, or take samples of water…anything that has to do with sustainability!

For more information, contact art teacher and generation green sponsor Kami Lee at

Here’s a message from Cheslea Egenberger and CLC:
“C: Hello LINKS, Chelsea here from the LHS CLC!

E: And Erin here again with the Northeast high school CLC.

C: This week, Civic Nebraska invites you to our new Virtual Learning Hub: Civic U! You can find this online at:

E: Civic U is a collaboration of online programming from across Civic Nebraska including sections designed for Young Americans, Defenders of Democracy, & Community Advocates. Our section for Young Americans is full of opportunities to develop leadership, social-emotional learning and civic engagement skills!

C: Check out our corner of the site specifically for High Schoolers!
There you can join the Young People’s History of the United States Book Club with a lesson on the labor movement!

E: Join us this Thursday for a LIVE Connection Circle hosted by Chelsea and yours truly – this will be a chance to check in with one another and cultivate some much-needed social connectedness.

C: And Friday is all about that DANCE PARTY – so please register at the CIVIC U site and include your song requests!

E: Also, check out the NEW Civic U Flipgrid page, where YOU can post videos on what you’re learning using flipcode: civicnebraska1247

C: Don’t forget we still have our CLC office hours everyday 2-3pm and other groups meeting throughout the week – stay up to date at our google classroom: 666wuph!

E: We hope to see you online this week at

Yearbook Distribution
Hey, everyone, this is Mr. Keller with some information about the 2020 yearbook.
Because of the coronavirus, all LPS schools will plan on distributing yearbooks in the fall when we return to our school buildings. We’ll keep you posted over the summer as we get more details. If you have not purchased a yearbook yet, you can still buy one online with a credit card until May 22nd. See the link in the transcript below or visit our webpage at: Books are now $75 and will contain information and photos about the pandemic and how we handled it. We will have a limited number of extras in the fall, so reserve yours now to make sure you get your copy of this historic yearbook.

Join the #TestNebraskaChallenge
TestNebraska is a new initiative to dramatically increase the rate of COVID-19 testing. Every Nebraskan is being asked to go to and take a quick, five-minute assessment. This will help figure out where in the state testing needs to occur, and what your risk level is. Get started with three simple steps:

Answer a few questions to determine your current risk.
They can’t test everyone, but they will prioritize testing for those who currently have symptoms, have interacted with someone who has already tested positive, or have recently visited places where COVID-19 is more widespread.
If you do test positive, they will ask you to answer some questions to help isolate the infection rate.
Take the assessment now at

TeamMates Continue to Connect
Do you have a TeamMate mentor? You can continue safely connecting with your mentor electronically during the Pandemic Closure by using the TeamMates Email Exchange. TeamMates staff serve as email exchange helpers, relaying messages between TeamMates and their mentors. The program enables matches to continue developing their relationships remotely while following TeamMates safety guidelines. To date, 697 mentors and 262 mentees have reached out through the email exchange!

If you have a TeamMate, check your email or contact your counselor. See the link in the transcript below to visit the website for more information about the program.

Summer High School Course Registration
Just a reminder that starting this week seniors and juniors can register for summer school classes. All other students can register beginning Monday, May 11th. Remember that high school summer school classes are FREE to any student (public or private) in grades 9-12 that currently resides within the LPS boundary.
More information can be found on the summer school website:
If you have any questions about this process, please contact your school counselor.

For information about Grab-N-Go Meals, click on the Food Distribution link at, or type the word “food” in the keyword search. []

Weekly food distribution is Mondays from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for any child ages 1-18 at the following locations:
Belmont, Arnold, Calvert, Hartley, Huntington, Clinton, Saratoga, and West Lincoln
Elementary Schools:
Culler, Park, Goodrich, and Lefler Middle Schools,
and at Northeast High School and Lincoln High where you’ll enter the circle on 21st and J Streets and follow staff directions.

Any family is also welcome to pick up pre-packaged bags of food from the Lincoln Food Bank during their food distribution. More information about their schedule can be found at their website:

Remember that you can leave a comment below this video at any time for us. We want your feedback. You can also tell us your story of how you’re coping with all of this by filling out the form at Jump Code PBYZ. That’s PBYZ

Do you have good news to share? Questions? Comments? You can also reach out to us at, or message us on The Advocate Twitter and Instagram accounts: @lhsadvocate or on the Yearbook Instagram: @linksyearbook. We want to hear from you.

In the meantime, please follow CDC guidelines and STAY HOME as much as possible and Stay Away From Others in Public, Wash Your Hands, Don’t Touch Your Face, and Cover Your Cough.

Take care, keep supporting each other, and stay connected with us.

That’s all for today. Remember that you can see all past episodes of our show on The Advocate Online website at and a list of all jump codes through the master jump code YZYR.

Thanks for watching our broadcast, and we’ll see you again next time on… LinksLIVE!