Among Us finds a way to ‘kill’ the trends


In Among Us, you are either a crewmate or an imposter. The goal is to figure out who the imposter is.

About 5 months ago the game Among Us was unheard of. Now this heart-racing, thrilling game has over 86 million downloads. Racing to do tasks, trying to figure out who the imposters are, it’s kind of hard not to like.

Believe it or not Among Us was actually created in June 2018 and only had a few downloads. The game was created by a team called “Innersloth”. Two years later, famous streamers on Twitch, Pewdiepie and Sodapoppin, were one day randomly playing this “new” game. Suddenly, over the last few months more than 86 million people downloaded the “new” game, Among Us. 

Basically, in this game there are a group of players that are trying to complete their tasks and trying to figure out who the “imposter(s)” is before the imposter kills “the crew”. Not to mention, that you are also playing with completely different people, with different ways of thinking each time you enter a new game room. In the same way, players can also choose to play with their friends by providing a game code.

Another thing that made Among Us pretty popular is that people also saw opportunities to make new content and memes that most people would understand. Creators on the app Tik Tok have made many videos that not only make people laugh but promote the game. From playing Among Us together through Discord, to making point of views (POVs) on how the characters might feel in the game.

At Lincoln High, 10th grader, Lauren Goracke said “It’s nice to pass the time, you know? You don’t really have to think about much, it’s fun.” Many students have picked up on the game and have encouraged others to download the game. “My friends just asked me about it,” said Goracke.

Overall, Among Us may be one of the most popular games right now because of how fast it grew. People from all over the world are ecstatic for how the game is made and can’t wait for what Innersloth has to offer in the future.