Historic snow storm hits Lincoln


Photo by Advocate Staff

Students return to school Thursday, January 28 after a historic snow fall that led to three snow days.

A historic 14.5-inch snowfall in Lincoln, Nebraska caused Lincoln Public Schools to close for 3 consecutive days, starting Monday, January 25 to Wednesday, January 27. 

According to 1011 News, the last time LPS had three snow days in a row was in January of 2010, which required the district to implement added time to the regular academic calendar.

Monday’s snowfall is officially in second place for the most inches of snow in a single day. The current record for most inches of snow Lincoln received in a single day occurred in 1965 with 19 inches.

LPS called off school due to the poor travel conditions, as driving was inadvisable, if not impossible. While Lincoln’s main roads were mostly plowed by Tuesday evening, much of the side streets were still tough to traverse at that time.

There were several reports of drivers getting stuck in the heavy snow throughout the week.

Snow-cleanup crews worked throughout the week to clear up the roads so that people could commute to school and work safely.