Xbox vs. PlayStation: the rivalry continues with release of new systems


Photo by LHS Staff

LHS senior Dylan Smith plays his Xbox Series X remotely.

With the new Xbox and PlayStation systems being released, tons of people are going crazy for them. Both companies’ new consoles are selling out almost instantly and still being behind on restocking. With new games coming out this year, we shall see which console performs better.

Many people compare Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, but which is better? Both consoles consist of high frame rates and up to 8k resolutions.

Jack Irons, a gamer and LHS freshman, shared his thoughts on the Xbox and PlayStation rivalry. “My dad has always been into Sony. He’s been a big Sony fan ever since I was born,” Irons said. “So I’m probably going to have to choose the PS5.”

A lot of people might disagree with Jack, including, LHS senior Owen Thompson. Thompson says the new Xbox runs way smoother and is a lot smaller in size compared to the Ps5. “My xbox was way smaller than I thought, and Im happy it’s like this… it saves so much room.”

Both gaming systems have extremely up-to-date features, including voice activated controllers and phone controller gameplay. The PS5 gave the controllers a new look — with the new look it also comes with new abilities. Dynamic adaptive controllers make it more touch sensitive. One cool feature is the fact that the controller has a built in mic. You can talk to your controller now instead of having a headset and microphone.

Along with that, the Xbox has some impressive new features too. If you connect your phone to your Xbox with Bluetooth, you can bring your controller anywhere you want and display your games on your phone while playing with the controller. The controller also has more buttons that allow you to screenshot and create clips easier. It also includes a more advanced grip that enhances your performance.

Now that you know how dope both of these systems are, hopefully the decision on which is better is easier for you now. Both having new features and nearly the same statistics, the battle still continues.