Security by day, actor by night


Our very own, Lincoln high security Calvin Haywood has one crazy story many people don’t know. Haywood was born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi then came to Nebraska to play football for the Huskers.

Haywood then packed his bags and went on to his calling: New York. He had a big dream and a big heart. Haywood wanted to be an actor.

Haywood said, ¨I didn’t know I wanted to act until my drama teacher wrote me a note saying she thought I was great and that I should pursue an acting career after my first high school senior play.” Haywood was in many movies and plays known as, About Schmidt, Double Platinum, Driving Miss Daisy, To Kill a Mockingbird, the boy next door and many others.

Haywood had an amazing career that lasted 10 years but then decided that getting married and starting a family of his own was something he was more invested in. After his acting career was done he and his wife started a family and he worked at the Lincoln penitentiary for over 30 years.

Haywood then decided that working with young scholars was something he wanted to do so he made his way to our very own Lincoln High school.  You may see him in the halls, giving out passes or breaking up arguments but Calvin Haywood has does a lot more than just security.