One opinion, two phones


iPhone and Android are always compared to each other about which one is better than the other, whether it’s the camera or videos they have. The newest update that is coming is for the iPhone which will have massive amounts of new features and gimmicks with apps or in the camera. For example, Apple has just announced their newest product being the iPhone 13. Preorders began Friday, Sept. 17. Another huge update is the iOS 15 update that comes out on the Sept. 20 for all Apple users. Abe Mattney, a freshman at Lincoln High School, was interviewed on his thoughts on iPhone and Android.

When asked about why he prefers iPhone over Android, he said, “It’s easier to use because I can go around apps easier and they have more options.” Now another freshman at Lincoln High School Jaxon Wilkason has an Android and said that he also prefers iPhone over Android “because I can screen record people if I have an iPhone and can’t do it with Android.”

Both freshmen have different brands of phones and each of them had an answer that is two sided with them being asked the question if they were having troubles with their phones in any usage. Mattney said he does not have many problems with his phone. “I have case protectors and stuff so it doesn’t really break that easily.” However, Wilkason said it isn’t the outside of the phone, it’s the inside of the phone.“When I charge my phone and it still dies like I’m charging it and it still dies,” Wilkason said.  “Like, I can’t watch TikTok.”