The state of Covid-19 in LPS


“Coronavirus” by danielfoster437 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

COVID-19 is growing and making more people sick. Masks were not mandatory for the first couple weeks of school and the cases were going up. Now, everyone has to wear a mask. Schools have changed so much, so do students and teachers like how school is now? 

I interviewed English teacher Emily Martinez and she said, “I honestly don’t mind the masks, yes they can be hot and hurt your ears sometimes, and it can be hard to understand some of my students”. 

Do the students think the same? I asked Harmonee Stanton if she liked wearing a mask. She said “I like going to school with masks because people can’t see my face and sometimes the hall smells and with the mask you can’t really smell.” Most people do not mind wearing masks but there are some things that are not so good.

Wearing a mask can have some good things to it. Martinez said that “I am not using as much makeup which is great and it does make me feel like it lowers the spread even a small bit, which is better than nothing at all.”

Coming to school every weekday can be scary to some people. Martinez said, “With the good there are also crappy parts like just having a cold, getting nervous and needing to get a COVID test before your life can kind of resume.” Martinez also said, “I do my laundry a whole lot more so I can make sure I have clean masks for the week for Malakai, my son, and I. Also I use hand sanitizer all of the time.” Covid -19 has continues to threaten the health of the community and some people still struggle to see it.