Gen Z Revolutionizes music through Diversity and Acceptance


In this year of 2021, music trends no longer follow a solid structure. Gen Z students, like those at LHS, have proven that to us.  This occurrence is a result of the diversity within LHS, and the decrease in judgment within the students inside this school.

Because of the diverse student body at LHS, many students’ music taste is influenced by those around them. Even if that is simply because of a song recommendation or in Niang Vung’s case, a Senior at LHS, it could be because of a dare that was made in Middle School. 

“I’ve been into K-Pop for a long time,” Vung said, “it all started with a dare.” In Vung’s case her entire music genre took a turn after that one dare, showing the true impact others can have on each other.

For some students, however, music genres can become drastically different because of different influential sources. Emily Robinson, a senior at LHS, is able to see constant genre changes in her music journey as a result of her different friends and who she listens to. 

When she was asked how many times her music genres change Robinson said, “All the time… I listen to Cardi B’s rap to old Taylor Swift country.”

Besides friend group influences, our Gen Z students at LHS are also heavily influenced through the latest social media craze: TikTok! Robinson has even dedicated an entire Spotify playlist to smaller artists she’s found off of TikTok including artists such as Xana and Lauren Weintraub. 

Students also like to promote their own favorite artists through different mediums, such as Vung who said, “Stream Enhypen!”

Overall, it’s clear that music has a big impact on our Gen Z students at Lincoln High Students.