The importance of Mental Health


Photo by Joshua Fuller

Do you actually know the importance of Mental Health? How can it affect your daily life? Like less sleep, stress out, messing with your emotions, how you act and think? Recently at Lincoln High, we have been talking about Mental Health for the last 2 weeks in maybe your English class or health class and people should know the outcomes, how mental health can affect you and more. 

According to sources, Mental Health is important because it includes your mental, emotional and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps us handle stress and our health. Some ways that can help you with your mental health is one, getting plenty of sleep. 

Stressing over a homework assignment for example and you can’t get it done and you’re staying up all night to get it done and then you realize you’re losing sleep. And the next night, you’re up because you forced your body to stay up and now you can’t get that many hours of sleep. It’s important to get sleep because it helps your mind and body to “recharge” or get you ready for a new day so you won’t be worn out during the day. Without getting a certain amount of sleep , your body can not function correctly. 

Another way to help you balance your mental health is finding something that you enjoy. I think everyone has something they enjoy whether that’s working out, working or doing homework you should always keep yourself occupied. “Being active has both physical and mental benefits” according to the website 

Help manage your stress. Don’t go so hard on yourself, take your time and go at your own pace. Don’t pile things on yourself and overwork yourself or if you can’t do something and you’re getting mad and upset, don’t keep on making it worse, move on and then come back. It raises health problems and gets you anxious, and changes mood. If you get to a certain point where you are stressing out, take deep breaths and/or use guided meditation. 

Most people don’t usually do this because they like to think they can help themselves and control themselves but if you are getting to a certain point, you should talk to someone. A trusted adult or trusted friend, you never know that it might actually help you. Even a counselor or therapist. There jobs are to help people and hear our their problems in your point of view.

Overall, I think that nobody controls your mental health more than you. You should always try to balance your mental health and not overwork yourself and cause confusion to your nervous system. Focus on yourself and find peace in your mental health.