Student Parking Overcrowding


Photo by Ivana Cajina, free through Unsplash Creative Commons.

Student parking has been very difficult for some Students as students start to park in not parking zone

Students have been dealing with difficult situations such as students choosing to park in spots that aren’t a parking spot. Students having been parking in spots that make it hard to get out of their spot or just not being able to get out.

Senior and student council president Reik Bol spoke about the parking overcrowding. Bol said, “I think it’s kind of irritating but one thing I do is come to school early, like 7 am, so I don’t have to beat everyone and have a spot.”

During the time of these events these students didn’t care if they blocked other students in their spots. The question is what can be done.

Bol answered, “I think they should look at other areas to park. I don’t think it’s a good thing that they park in non parking spot because it just makes things crowed and more difficult for everyone else.” Different places they could park is in the front by main building or they could park by the baseball fields in the front also.

Something we could do to fix this is have more consequences. Bol said “I think one way of fixing it is enforcing that those places are not a place to park and maybe giving students tickets as well to encourage students on Links Live.”

Students should be able to get in and get out easily without hitting anyone or scratching the other person’s car.