Progress over perfection


Photo by LHS athletics

Lincoln High Varsity Volleyball is 13-4 this season and is looking forward in improving

 Our very own Lincoln High Volleyball team is having a very successful season, as their record is 13-4. Coach Wilcox has really made it clear to the girls on the team that this year’s theme is “progress over perfection”. Progress over perfection means that no matter the outcome of a rally or of a game it’s all about the progress and getting better. 

Tyrah Woods has played a big role in this season but in a different way than years before. If you have ever popped your head into a volleyball game in the past you definitely know who Woods is. She shines on the court but this year she shines on the bench. Woods had an early season injury that is now causing her to be out for most of the season but that’s not stopping her. Woods stated, “It’s been really hard watching practices and not being able to play especially since it’s my senior season.” 

Woods is planning on coming back before the season is over. She started practicing a couple weeks ago and is getting stronger. She is feeling great about it. She is overcoming many obstacles that this injury has thrown her way and although recovery is never perfect she is progressing and still being a great teammate in the meantime. Woods said, “My role on the team now is being a hype man, getting them ready for the big games, and cheering them on.”

Woods was planning on having her first game of this season this weekend when the Links traveled to Columbus for a tournament.

The girls on the team are eager to keep getting better and to compete with the great teams that they’re up against. A big goal for them this year is qualifying for state. So if you ever hear the whistle and the loud cheers of the student section pop in and support the Links.