Links Football Player Makes Amazing Comeback


Photo by Kenzie Ness McCray

Greysen Roach watches on as his teammates finish their game against Pius X.

Links starting varsity football player Greysen Roach had a devastating injury in the summer of 2020 before the fall football season had started. This caused him to sit the whole season without a single rep.

“When the injury initially happened, I thought football was over for me,” Roach said. “Not only because of me losing my kidney in the process, but also because I got hurt my sophomore year. I honestly felt like I was done with football and it had nothing to do with me.”

Roach said Lincoln High Links O-Line Coach Beckmann played a big role in supporting him, not only saying that he was there for him but for many other of our great Lincoln High Links with injuries beforehand.

“Whenever I’ve seen Greysen on the field, I knew that he was a stand up guy,” Beckmann said. “He goes out, gives it his all and never counts out on a rep.”

Beckman was there when the initial injury occurred. “When he went up for the ball and seen him hit the ground, it looked like [he] got the wind knocked out of him,” said Beckmann.

He proceeded to check in with him and see how he was doing, and everything was fine but later figuring out that his kidney had burst and was being sent into emergency surgery.

Both Roach and Beckmann said they were devastated in the process. It was definitely not only hard on Roach but on his teammates, coaches, and friends and family alike.

Moving forward, from going through not knowing if he’ll ever play football again to then becoming starting middle safety, Roach said his mindset has shifted dramatically. “It’s one of the best moments of my life. I feel like I got lucky to even step on the field again and not only getting in but being the starter just makes me feel like I don’t have nothing holding me back,” Said Roach.

“Just cant take anything for granted and whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Roach added.

Even Coach Beckmann being ecstatic and saying it gives him goosebumps even thinking about the comeback he made.

“Man, when I seen him lay that big time hit on Northstar causing a dropped ball, it just made me proud for him and proud to be his coach,” said Beckmann. “Now that I think about it, that is definitely in one of my top three moments of being a coach at Lincoln High for the football program. He didn’t just earn that spot, he worked for it. Nothing given or handed to him he just goes out and does what he needs to do.”

Going into his final thoughts and what he hopes for this season, he says he’s just looking forward to getting his first offer, playing the game, and making everyone that supported him through the injury proud. Sure does feel good to live up to tradition. GO LINKS!