OPINION: Books or movies? Which are better?

To start off would you spend days or maybe even weeks spending time to read a book rather than taking a few hours to watch a movie that is a lot quicker than the book about your topic. I think movies are better than books because you get more enjoyment from them. This is true because when you watch any movie/TV show you can get more visualization from what is going on rather than reading a book having to envision what you’re reading. You get more out of looking at screen because a book is condensed into many different sections and takes longer, when a movie is much shorter and doesn’t waste your time.

A movie can give you more insight on where it leads you to understand better so it all connects easier and a book leaves you on a cliffhanger most of the time since it takes sometime for the next book or volume when you get it all in one for a movie. Many books have a story line that ends up being made into a show or movie that doesn’t really match the book because it was changed to fit their liking.

Let’s take a look at some movie franchises such as marvel. They are a big company for making movies about marvel characters for only movies, and if they ever made books about marvel movies it could confuse us to how this has happened or why this was never explained in the movies because then it creates more questions for people who are fans of the story. It can lead to many theories but also could tell you why some characters never showed up.

I think this is a good thing because Marvel already has a record of making comic books; that’s where marvel started. Sure all movies take inspiration from something but these are comic books not chapter books. You can actually visualize what’s happening, what’s going on, and how it ends.

On another note take a look at all the Harry Potter films: a woman who goes by J.K. Rowling created it on a train from Manchester to London’s Kings Cross in 1990.She wrote seven novels of it and got popular from it.Later it got attention and therefore the movies were created strictly how the books went. Seven books, eight movies.

All in all, there are many different arguments that books are better than movies because you can create whatever you want, but I believe most people would prefer a movie because movies are easier to watch.