Friends vs Relationships

Both relationships and friends are obviously different and have different limitations and freedom from themselves , if they are confused about each other things can end up badly. A bond between two people can be based on love, honesty, trust, blood relations, and marriage. It’s both of the individual’s choice to decide the bond between them. A bond in which two people are in a friendship, if the bond is more than that it can be named as a relationship.

What is a relationship?

A relationship is when someone has a relationship with someone; that can be a friendship, love, relatives, friendship, etcetera etcetera, a relationship can be legal, or through voluntary action. 

What is a friendship?

Friendships are openly sharing both of your positives and negatives. You both care for each other. friendships are based on loyalty, trustworthiness, honesty, compression, unconditional help favors for one another. 

Difference between friendships and relationships.

One of the main differences between friendships and relationships is how they were created with  relationships normally built from natural forms like relatives. One may enter a relationship through a conscious form, which may include colleagues, friendships, and marriage. This is not the same as a friendship because its based on one form, that means people choose to be friends, but they aren’t obligated to be friends by natural aspects.

Openness in friendships and relationships.

The level that people share their feelings and emotions in friendships is higher than people that are in relationships. One is likely to tell a friend their perspective towards their actions , but in a relationship, it would be difficult for an employee to tell their manager about the company they work at. Several types of relationships like love and marriage people share their feelings and emotions with a high level of openness.