Favorite TV shows of LHS students


Everybody likes TV shows, no matter the genre its categorized in. There are a lot of popular shows that are out during this era.

I would say in the last decade there have been many popular TV shows and one of them is LHS freshman Ryan Ahmad’s favorite show, Stranger Things.

“I like the monsters,” said Ahmad. “I also like the story and the telling of the story and how it was made to be. We each have our own favorite character in any TV show but his is the character Lucas who is one of the main characters. Now any show or movie can have a strong audience if it has good a plot to it.”

A show with a strong cast of people and good story telling would make it better to watch. This is what Ahmad had to say: “I think the thing that makes me want to watch it is the story is very intriguing to the audience and it leaves you on a cliffhanger every episode so you would like to watch it more every time,” said Ahmad. “Like I said the storytelling is very immaculate and amazing, it surprises you with jump-scares and the drama in it is very fantastic.

Now, Ahmad had some things to say about what he hates from Stranger Things. He said, “I don’t like how sometimes it gets boring, but they have to build that boringness up because if they don’t have those parts then it wouldn’t make sense in the story and it would be confusing later on.” The last thing I wanted to ask Ahmad is if he’d ever stop watching Stranger Things. He said “I’ll never stop watching it, it’s the best Tv show on Netflix or top three.”

Most newer TV shows don’t always have to be dark and mysterious, but can be a cartoon show. Here is Brandon Bacon who is also a freshman at Lincoln High and here’s his choice on favorite Tv shows.. “My favorite Tv show is The Amazing World of Gumball because I like the blue cat because I like the fur,” said Bacon. 

Moving forward he was asked what makes him want to watch it. He said “I like the animation style because it looks funky and animated.” On the next question, what are his favorite things about his show, he said “I like the orange fish and blue cat ’cause they’re silly.”Moving onto the last question he said “yes I will cause it’s really great to watch.”

There are people who like mysteries in their shows and that is what another freshman at Lincoln High, Ryan Burjus, enjoys.  “I like watching The Wire because it gives both sides of a criminal story, like a detectives and a criminal story.” 

I would agree that many people would enjoy watching a story like what Burjus said. “it just interests me I guess,” said Burjus. 

Many people would agree with Burjus when you’re starting a new show you don’t know what  you’re getting into,and also about it is because it’s brand new to you.”My favorite thing is like, there’s a lot of seasons and the episodes are long so it ain’t gonna run out,” said Burjus. ”

If we were all like Burjus we would be happy to have a show with many seasons with long episodes. That’s almost like a dream come true for some people.