Freshman Basketball Game


Jaymi White-Soto Take a shot before the game

The freshman basketball game on Thursday January 27 and some of the players of Lincoln High had some things to say after their win. In the beginning, the team started off slow, but their mindsets were in the right place. They were missing shots and layups until the second half. Lincoln High beat Columbus 49-24.

In the second half, the team started to get back into the groove, and the players started to make shots plus they started to play really good defense. After half time, they came back on fire and when they started playing as a team they started to make plays. But there are still a few mistakes they made. In the fourth quarter, they started to have fun and came up on top and won by 25. 

After the game, the players spoke about how they thought the game went. Malcolm Montgomery, one of the big men of the LHS Freshman team, was positive about his team’s win. “My team did really well and so did I but I think that I could have done better, like when I set a screen I could have rolled harder,” said Montgomery.

The next person interviewed was Pal Jock. “I feel amazing because we drilled them by 25, and we just did good as a whole unit and as a whole team. And that I feel happy but we can’t let it go to our head and we take the city,” said Jock.

The next person was Jaymi White-Soto. “I think I did good and I made a three and I got my teammates involved plus we took over the city,” said White-Soto.