LPS Schools Cracking Down on Phones


As the new school year kicks off, some schools are taking new approaches to remove students from their phones.

Lincoln Southwest has made a stricter phone policy. Students have a designated spot to put their phones before class. They are far from reach, making it easier to focus. Though schools have tried new policies before, the push from Southwest created a domino effect on other LPS schools.

Phones are used by students everywhere and every school has their own fight with them. Some different approaches to phone policies are yondr pouches, confiscation, or the new approach circling LPS, having students place their phones in a designated area before class begins.

Teachers have mixed feelings about cell phones. Some are stricter than others. Because of this, some teachers wish that there was more consistency throughout the building.

With schools trying out new policies, high school students feel as though the rules have gotten stricter this year. Some argued that studying was easier when we had our phones in reach or music on. To contrast, high school freshmen feel that the phone policy is very laid back. ““In middle school you couldn’t be on your phone at all” says Lincoln High Freshman Jonah Johnson.

Cell phones can be a distraction, but they can also provide comfort to students. Taking them requires fresh policies and trying new things.