Taking a Trip To Jamaica


Photo by Yolanda Cade

Dunn’s Falls

I talked with Yolanda, a community member, about her experience on her recent trip to Jamaica. I asked how she felt about the trip to Jamaica. Yolanda said, “I was nervous about leaving the country and  nervous about being that far away from my children for the first time.” We can all say that’s a pretty big fear with almost every mother.  

When she arrived in Jamaica she noticed how different things are. When they left the airport after their arrival they had to get to their resort. The only problem with that is their cars are different. Yolanda said “the driver’s seat was on the right side of the car and the roads had no speed limit.” Well  after a fast and dangerous drive they had arrived at the resort.

While she was in Jamaica she noticed how different the food was. Yolanda said the food tasted way better there than in the United states. She said the seafood she had while there was fresh out of the water. Yolanda said” they don’t feed their animals hormones so their meat is so much better”.

She said she did a lot of things she never did before while in Jamaica. One day they went on a 2 hour party boat ride and got off in the middle of the ocean to go scuba diving to see all the fish. After that they were able to go water gliding. Yolanda said, “It was the most bumpy ride she has ever been but overall fun.” 

If you are thinking of going on a trip, get a passport and take a trip to Jamaica you won’t regret it.