In the life of Gustavo Martinez


Gustavo Martinez is a very interesting and hardworking student at Lincoln High School.  He is an athlete an incredible student and overall a great and funny person. He is a goalkeeper for LHS soccer team and is working hard to be one of the top keepers in his generation. Gustavo is very well known here at Lincoln High and many people have positive opinions about him.

As Gustavo grew up he always had the dream of becoming a professional soccer player, his whole life he had to fight for what he wanted, but as he grew up Gustavo also had plans of owning his own business and now in high school he is taking high school programs such as TCA to make this a possibility. Gustavo has many plans for his future and is working towards accomplishing them, this student won’t give up until he reaches his goals. His main inspiration was his cousin Andres Moreno who was a Varsity goalkeeper last year who is now in college. He said ” My main inspiration was my cousin Andres because he was like a father figure to me when my father was absent”. Gustavo grew up without his father being present and that was hard for him because he didn´t have a father figure to inspire him and teach him all the things he knows now, but Andres was there to help him throughout his problems and inspired him to keep working hard. He will not give up and always pushes through his problems. Nothing will stop him.