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Anh Nguyen

Hello everyone ! I’m a student of Lincoln High School and I will be graduate high school this year.I like to study and go to school,because I can talk to my friends and my teacher. I know my grammar not well and has some mistake,and I don’t speak well English.Sometimes, they don’t understand what I say, its make me nervous and shy when I talk to people. I usually shy to talk people on the first time, but if make friend, I’m very friendly. I’m be sure that.

My hobby is listen to music and hang out with my friends. I usually listen the music when I have free time.My teacher said,” I always see you wear headphone when you walking on hallway.” She right, I usually do it.Because the music help me feel better when I sad,the music likes my feel, the music help me relax,I can find myself in music. I think a lot of students such as me, they listen to music all times. I know we can’t wear listen to music over 2 hours, it’s bad for ear.But if we can control,we will be fine.

Last thing I want to say,” I love Lincoln High School and all teachers.” They helped me al0t when I came here 3 years ago. I want to say ,” THANK YOU”

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