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Jaiden Vyhlidal

Hello everyone, my name is Jaiden Vyhlidal and I’m mostly interested in sports or anything dealing with physical activities. I played football my freshman year and part of my sophomore year, but had to quite do to some health complications. I currently am one of the three team managers for the team this year. My hobbies include playing video games when I’m not outside doing sports or hanging out with friends. I mostly play NCAA or Madden but enjoy playing CoD, Assassin’s Creed, NBA 2K, Infamous and many more. I like hunting, but prefer to use a bow, and fishing. I’ve lived in Nebraska my whole life and am a huge Cornhusker, Links, Timberwolves and Chiefs fan. My favorite food items are Roman Noodles and Beef Jerky, Jack Links or actual deer jerky, I don’t care which one.

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