The Advocate

Jessica Montoya

Hello, my name is Jessica Montoya, I am a senior here at Lincoln High hoping to graduate at the end of first semester in December. I was born in Santana, California on December 24, 1997, today I am 17 years old close to being 18. My family moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 2003. I really didn’t like when we moved, because it was too quite and calm, but when we go to California to visit it is so wild and crazy, so know I love Nebraska. I have two jobs. My first job is Trinity Infants and Child Daycare. My second job is at Burger King. In my free time I like to write lots of fiction stories, and maybe in the future I can publish one of my fiction novels I have made. To be totally honest I hate reading, but it’s really good for my knowlegde, so I am taking some time to read at least two chapters from a book. My family is really big in sports, but the main sport that everyone plays is soccer. My sisters and I played for the school, but it was too much drama, so we decided to play for YMCA, like my brother. Also, my second passion is fashion. I really enjoy shopping for the latest trends. I keep up with fashion weeks, magazines, and websites all around the world, and in different cultures that involve fashion. I really don’t watch TV, so I just get my news or information from my smart phone.