The Advocate

Jessica Olson

  • selfie pt 2How do you start these AND sound interesting? My name is Jessica Olson, I’m the second Jessica on the Advocate staff currently. I am 15, a sophomore, and my role on staff this year is to write and report. I’m a pun enthusiast. Puns make me laugh harder than anything, and I’m good at popping them out without trying.  If you like horrible humor then hmu. I also call everyone fam and homie. I’m like a 45 year old father who wants to be hip. I’m so sorry. I also apologize a lot. Sorry again.

  • Personal Life
    I’m the youngest in the family, I have one older brother. I love to sing and joined choir last year and plan to carry it on all four years of high school. I love a lot of alternative and punk bands, but grew up on country and pop so I tend to listen to those quite often when with my parents. My favorite school subject is Spanish and I hope to be an interpreter. My biggest fears are things I can’t control like growing up, dying, and losing family.  I hope to have a great year, and write stories with the help from many of you!