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Kylee Johnson

KyleeNewsroomHi everybody.

I was born Kylee Johnson but I usually go by Ky, but you can call me whatever you want, I think.. I might change my mind later about that one. So about me? That’s really hard. I’m going to define myself, that’s kind of weird, but let’s do this thang. I love to read books and one of my favorite authors is Ellen Hopkins; if you haven’t read any of her books…. go to store or the library and just read one. I swear,  you won’t put it down until you’re done. She’s absolutely amazing. Along with reading, I also really enjoy writing. I could write all day long and all night long if I was allowed too, though a lot of the time when I write, I end up forgetting words because I go way to fast… Like Ricky Bobby said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” .. but maybe that’s not a good thing to go by.

Another really fun thing that I like to do is make my own movies/videos. I think that everything about the process of creating movies/videos is absolutely beautiful and wonderful and that everyone should just appreciate how much work goes into stuff like that. From the writing to the filming to the editing to the final product, there’s a bunch of time tied up in one video, even if it’s only a minute long. It could take a whole entire week, just to make that one minute perfect, crazy right? I think that it’d be cool if I could be a director or something. I don’t really know, I’m kind of in love with the entire process…

Along with making movies, I may have a tiny bit of an obsession with watching them. Netflix has become one of my best friends over the past couple of years and without him, I’d be so lost. He almost has every single movie that I would love to see or want to watch over and over and over again.. I mean sometimes, he takes the movies away from me but I think he’s trying to teach me a lesson… just in a very very mean way. My favorite kind of movies are the ones that my buddy specializes in; independent movies. Independent movies are probably the best type of movies to ever exists and most people call them indies, but I don’t know. I just like the word independent, soooo….

So about Newspaper… I kind of have an addiction to newspaper, so I’ve been in this class for multiple years (this is my fourth year) and it never gets old (so you should really come check it out if you want too). I don’t really know if it’s the fact you get to learn a bunch of things that no one else really knows yet and then you get to share it or the whole process of laying out or maybe I just really like yelling at people. I don’t know, but I do know that Newspaper has become a huge part of my life.. and my heart. I’ve decided that I need newspaper to survive, so no one better try to take it away from me. But if you have the slightest interest in newspaper, you should definitely join. Yup, so I love newspaper.

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