The Advocate

Laura Tharnish

I signed up for Journalism for one reason, I needed another class. I didn’t realize that I would be part of the newspaper, and I didn’t think that I would in any way have a serious part in the Advocate. The first thing I noticed about the Advocate was that it tackled the issues that the students chose to pursue It’s all about what interests you and how you can learn and share with others. The Advocate doesn’t just talk about whats happening at Lincoln High, it deals with everything that is important to us as students and humans. Secondly I discovered pretty quickly that I was going to love journalism, and that the Advocate was the perfect place to express my interest in writing. I’m going to graduate in May, and I’m so glad that I got to be a part of the Advocate before I graduate. I’ve participated in golf and cheerleading, and love to bake and write. I hope to go to Southeast Community College for two years, and then on to the University of Nebraska for two more years.