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Lexxi Swanson

Okay, here goes nothing. My name is Lexxi, that’s literally my real and legal name. I don’t really have nicknames, other then really corny nicknames from my crazy and wonderful parents. I’m one of two freshmen working on the Advocate this semester, and I’m super excited about becoming a link. I guess I’m lucky to be going to LHS, it does seem like a cool school so far.

Trust me, I’m not the vain type at all.But, if you’re going to be reading something I write. Then it might be a good idea if you know a little about the slightly insane mess that is my mind.First off, I can be random at times and have a short attention span unless there’s something I’m interested in. Some hobbies of mine are writing (mostly fiction and realistic fiction) , playing video games (of the fantasy and Pokemon variety), and reading (fantasy again). I also like to do the normal teen things like hanging with my friends, and watching TV. Though, I prefer to watch Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, and Avatar the Last Airbender to the normal reality shows. I also like having some, or a lot, of alone time to just think and clear my mind.

So, that’s basically it. Hope I do an okay job, and bye.

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