The Advocate

Peyton Erickson

Hey everybody!

My name is Peyton, and I am a freshman at Lincoln High. Other than newspaper, I am also involved in cross country and technical theater. Outside of school, I am a brown belt with a stripe in karate, and love to read, go shopping, and write.

I have a bit of an addiction with Netflix, and am absolutely in love with Once Upon A Time.

I often babysit for my little siblings and cousins, and I love children… most of the time.

I hope to go to college, but right now I’m trying to focus on graduating high school with good grades, which is proving to be harder than expected.

My house is Gryffindor, and if you don’t know what that means, I am highly disappointed in you.

I’m saying ‘I’ way too much, but I absolutely adore all of my friends and family, and appreciate all of the moments in which I can spend time with them instead of procrastinating homework, which usually takes up most of my time.