The Advocate

Riana Lurice Dazon

thumbnailBorn in Manila, Philippines, Riana Lurice Dazon is an eighteen year old senior at Lincoln High School. She is in the International Baccalaureate Program as a Certificate Candidate, as well as a student in The Career Academy through the K-12 Education Pathway. She’s done a few cool things such as giving a TEDxYouth Performance, being involved in the Lincoln chapter of Educator’s Rising, co-founded a student-run organization called Voices of Lincoln High, training to be a staffer for a leadership organization called Launch, retweet many relatable things on twitter, lip sync on her snapchat story, obsess on different instagram feeds and making everything look #aestheticgoals, and spending her free time exploring different parts of her creative life.

As well as singing, youtube and photography is a huge part of her life. Riana is an avid fan of youtube videos and has been watching them since she was in middle school. Moving to Nebraska, she started her journey with cover videos that she posted on Facebook. Riana then started to post it on her Youtube channel, and expanded her content to vlogs, short skits, and a few talking videos. Her ultimate goal is to make an impact to a person’s life – whether she with singing a sad song and letting  them know she is someone available to talk to, or do challenges that will make her look ridiculous in front of the camera – hearing them say that Riana’s work helped them in some sort of way, the stress and the hard work is truly worth it.