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Shae Mitchell

ShaeMitchellHello students of Lincoln High !

My Name is Shaequan Mitchell but i prefer to be called “Shae”. I am a senior here at Lincoln High and I’ve been here since my freshman year. I really enjoy writing stories, poetry, and more. There’s not a lot excitement in my life, but you should know is i am a very talkative person. I am bubbly, caring and it’s very hard for me to say “no” but I’m working on it. As I’m typing things I’m thinking of things to say.

Outside of school I’m a happy employee at Debs, a clothing store in the mall. I do a lot of writing because it helps me think and keeps me occupied. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to the mall, shopping, getting my nails done, and just having fun. I also have a twin that attends Lincoln high as a junior and a younger brother that attends a a freshman.

But overall that’s who I am.

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