The Advocate

Advertising Information

The Lincoln High Advocate is published quarterly in print and updated continuously online.

Here is some information about advertising in the print version of The Advocate.

Circulation: We distribute 1,000 copies throughout the school and in news stands.
Copies are also sent to the other high schools, the district offices, and the city libraries.

Cost: $10 per column-inch (For example, a 2 column x 4 inch ad would be 8 column-inches = $80.)

Inserts are also available for $150 – You are responsible for printing the copies and getting them to us, and then we will insert one in every copy of the paper.

Inserts can be up to 8 1/2″ x 11″

Publication Dates: Approximately once per quarter the week before break. Contact us for specific dates.


Format: Camera-Ready Ads are due to us two weeks prior to publication (JPEG, TIFF, OR PDF formats accepted).

For more information, please email us at: