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Sam Yelkin

Hi! I’m Sam (aka Sam I am) and I’m a dinosaur! Rawr! :3 And I’m serious about that. I have many nicknames because Samantha is just way too much. My best friend Kylee just loves to call me Franklin, which I really don’t understand. One of my famous nicknames that I got in freshman volleyball is Samsung.. Apparently now I’m some type of phone, too? Other nicknames I have are Sam I am.. and that’s about it. Or, that’s all I can think of right now.

Okay, now time for some serious talk. This is my second year being on the advocate staff. I am a sophomore here at Lincoln High, obviously. I also play volleyball here at Lincoln High. After volleyball season was over, I’d normally do nothing. This year, I plan on helping out backstage for the one act districts in theatre with a few of my best friends. The last quarter, I plan on trying out for something fairly new to LHS. The Lincoln High slam poetry team. Even if I don’t make it, I’ll be there to support the team.

I am the editor in chief this year for the advocate, and honestly I don’t plan on doing a lot of writing. Shh, don’t tell Mr. Keller.

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